This Memorial Day we would like to remember all our family and friends that have passed away, as well as honor those who have lost their lives to preserve our freedom. We especially would like to pay tribute to 3 of our long term guests that passed away the last few months.

Joan Sharp

Joan Sharp, longtime friend and annual Pimushe Resort guest, passed this year. We will miss her kind presence this summer.

Joan Sharp was from Marshalltown, IA. Joan and her family have been coming to Pimushe Resort long before we were here!  We have many fond memories of playing “quarters” with her and having the yearly fish fry; we hope that Jim, Wade, Nik or Amy know how to make her tator tot casserole! She will be sorely missed.

Ted Mason at Pimushe Resort

Ted Mason loved to fish Pimushe walleye.

Ted Mason was from Sleepy Eye, MN. His group were our very first Fishing Opener guests! Ted came every year except for 1 year when he was having some health issues.  This picture is of the last time Ted was here in May of 2014.

Cliff Kulik and his wife Marg, and son Michael were Pimushe Resort guests long before we  purchased it, and continued to come until a few years ago when Cliff’s health declined and they couldn’t make the trip from St. Charles, IL. We have fond memories of Cliff and his family! Cliff drove his boat like a NASCAR  driver drives race cars! We would watch with nervous anticipation every time Cliff pulled up to the dock, but like a pro, he always landed safely. We’ll miss you, Cliff.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend everybody.
We hope you have a great family gathering and catch some fish. When you get a chance, take a moment to honor your dearly departed and thank those you still have around.

As for Ed and I, we are thankful for all of our treasured returning guests. It is because of you that we are able to live this dream of a permanent Minnesota Northwoods Vacation on beautiful Pimushe Lake. We look forward to seeing you all again this summer!