Ladder Golf

This game goes by a lot of names, including “ladder toss”, but the most common name in our neck of the woods is Ladder Golf. This game is awesome for people of all ages, however you should know that you need to be careful when tossing the “bolas” (either soft rubber balls, or standard golf balls, at each end of the string). There are three bars that you try to wrap your bolas around, each being worth a different number of points. You count points until someone reaches exactly 21 to win. Official rules can be found online at To get your own ladder golf set head to Amazon.

Bocce Ball

A game that can be played on any surface or terrain. Bocce ball is a family favorite that can be played on rocks, grass, beach, hills, or in the woods! To play all you need is a bocce ball set, which you can also find on Amazon. For more information on bocce, including official rules, visit the U.S. Bocce Federation’s website.


The newest game that was featured on Shark Tank is a cross between volleyball and foursquare. A modern twist on two classic games that will make everyone want to get in on the action.This easy to play game requires a net, a ball,and 2 hands. You can find sets on Amazon. Hit the ball onto the net so it bounces back to your opponent who gets 3 tries to bounce it back to you. Play to 21 and then switch sides! To learn more about SpikeBall and learn the rules, visit Or watch this video on SpikeBall to see how it’s played.

Beanbag Toss

This game, also known as “cornhole”, is one of the best for all ages to play because it involves a combination of both luck and skill. The regulations require two sets of wooden boards (24X28 inches) that are set 27 feet apart. You can build your own or purchase a convenient set like this one on Amazon. For this game to be fun for all ages feel free to move the boards as close as you want so everyone can play. Go to this site to learn how to play!

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