kids fishing

Teaching others the sport of fishing can be a great bonding experience for everyone involved, but it can also try the patience of both the teacher and the student. Here are a few key points to keep in mind to help make it a positive and memorable experience.

When you are teaching children how to fish, it is important to keep it active and fun. Kids will get bored if they are only sitting and holding a fishing pole without any action. Keeping fishing fun and active for children will help with their relatively short attention span. When teaching kids how to fish, you always want to speak clearly and start with catching basic fish, like panfish. Bluegills, pumpkinseed (or “sunfish”), and perch are very active and common fish to catch that will keep children well-engaged. We also suggest bringing healthy snacks for children to keep their energy up. And share some memorable fishing stories from your childhood to help occupy them during the slow times.

When teaching children to fish, make sure you teach them to love the process of fishing and not just the part about catching fish. You don’t want to guarantee children that you will catch fish every time they go out fishing.

Whoever you are teaching to fish, the most important thing is to have patience. Otherwise, you will get frustrated and whoever you are teaching is going to get bored, confused, or agitated. Patience is key to being able to continue the great tradition of fishing.

Pimushe Lake has plenty of types of fish for any skill and experience level, so take your little anglers on a fun fishing vacation they won’t forget at Pimushe Resort!

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