wood burning on a camp fire in the woods

Sitting around a campfire is always a fun time. Snuggled up to the warm fire with your close friends and family, what’s not to love? But, if you want to add a little more fun to your night play one of these games.

  • I Won’t Laugh
    • Split up the campfire into two teams. Team 1 will start by selecting one person on Team 2. Whoever team 1 picks has to sit alone while the whole opposing team tries to make that person laugh in 30 seconds or less! If Team 1 succeeds, they earn a point but, if they don’t Team 2 gets a chance to earn a point.
  • Two Truths and a Lie
    • This is the perfect sitting game! You start with one person who says 2 truths about themselves and 1 lie they create. The whole campfire will then work together and then pick which statement they think is the lie, the creator will say yes or no. Once the lie is correctly identified, the next person around the campfire begins their turn and tries to stump everyone.
  • The voting game!
    • This one gets the whole campfire group involved and every vote counts. This game is an easy one to start too! For this game you ask the entire group who would most likely _____________ and the whole campfire would vote either anonymously or you can raise your hand up to cast your vote. Examples of a few fun questions to ask are
      • Who would most likely eat spaghetti at midnight?
      • Who would most likely burn a marshmallow making a s’more?
      • Who would most likely forget where they put their pants?
  • Thank you / Moon Game
    • This one is perfect for young children who are practicing or who need to learn their manners. All you need is some type of stick or pen and then draw something in the air and say “that is a moon”. You then hand the stick/pen to the next person and if they do not say thank you when accepting the stick/pen then no matter what they draw, it is not a moon. The goal is to get the whole campfire group to draw a moon (in other words ‘Say thank you.’)

Playing games around the campfire is one of the best ways to spend the night. You bond with everyone around the campfire and have a great time! Pimushe Resort has campfire rings at every cabin to put your campfire game playing ability to the test.

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