Pimushe Resort in the heart of beautiful Northern Minnesota is the perfect place for a fall getaway! The possibilities are endless when it comes to things to do. Fishing, hiking, and taking in the views are just to name a few.

Fall is one of the best times for fishing. The weather is cooling down which helps bring the fish closer to the surface of the lake, as long as they don’t get spooked. There are many secluded bays and 4 islands, which helps keep the lake smooth and calm. Many a trophy sized walleye have been caught this time of year!

Located right in our backyard is the Chippewa National Forest. It has 298 miles of hiking trails, so you can experience new trails as easily as the leaves change color. There are beautiful trails all around the area to spend an afternoon and unplug from technology.

As the temperatures drop, the colors begin to change all around. Imagine looking across the lake to see the beautiful leaves reflecting in the water. Bright fall colors of yellow, orange, and red surrounding your cabin and the hiking trails. The beauty around the area just enhances all your outdoor fall experiences.

Check out our fall accommodations to experience your best fall getaway yet!