Minnesota lodging comes in all shapes and sizes, from high-rise hotels, budget franchise motels and quaint bed-and-breakfasts, to lakeside cabins and campgrounds. So what makes Northern Minnesota resorts so special?

Ed and I could go on and on talking about the beautiful lakes, kid-friendly activities for all seasons, and surrounding hunting land. But today I want to talk about me! As self-centered as it sounds, I want people to understand that minnesota resorts are more than just lodging for guests. The resort is a resort-owner’s livelihood and home. We want it to feel like your home too, which is why we go the extra mile to add personal touches to to our lake cabins and property.


Ed mills and dries lumber onsite and has handcrafted most of the furniture in our beautiful lakeside cabins. Each cabin is entirely unique, as Ed drafted the floorplans for them, and each cabin’s custom cabinets were crafted by our neighbor. The lumber utilized for these projects came from nearby forests and blowdown from our backyard during a windstorm. Ed handpicks wood that has lots of character for his projects. We are planning to use more blowdown lumber on future projects as well.


I like to quilt, so the cabin’s bedspreads were all handmade by me, and I’ve sewn curtains for each cabin’s windows too. Back in the day, quilting was cheaper than purchasing blankets at the store. This is not necessarily true anymore, but I enjoy having a hand in creating these personal touches for our guests, so I will continue to do it.

When you’re planning your next Minnesota vacation, consider Pimushe Resort, where small personal touches make a big impact. Enjoy a summer vacation getaway with all the comforts of home along the shores of beautiful Pimushe Lake. Cabins are already booking up for next summer, so check our availability and plan your escape today!