There’s not much room for debate: Fall in Minnesota is breathtakingly beautiful. Brisk temperature, infrequent rain, and no pests adds to the spectacular landscapes gleaming with a trinity of fall color.

While northeastern part of Minnesota (Superior, Duluth, Gooseberry Falls…) is better known as the place to be for fall color, our neck of the woods is the best kept secret for extraordinary fall foliage. Pimushe lake offers and undisturbed panoramic view of tri-color symphony, and lighter crowds and traffic are an added bonus.

Fall color is best viewed from the water on board a boat, pontoon or canoe. There is no better way to melt away the stress than by lazily floating under a trinity of color set against the clear, blue sky. Pimushe resort offers affordable boat rentals perfect for any occasion. Explore the shoreline on a kayak, or catch walleyes that bite better during the fall. If you’re traveling with your family, or a group of friends, take a pontoon out on the lake and enjoy the golden sunset that brings surrounding fall colors to life.

Pimushe Lake is 1365 acres and 7 miles long, with nearly 30 miles of undeveloped shoreline, lined with maple, oak, pine, spruce and birch trees that offers a stunning view of brilliant colors set against the blue sky. If you’re up for a little excursion, there are many amazing fall color viewpoints around the area, such as the scenic byway and Heartland state trail. If you’re driving from the Twin Cities, or visiting Itasca State Park, be sure to drive along the Mississippi River on Hwy. 71, which has been voted as one of Minnesota’s Rainbow Routes.