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In the Northwoods we live for our summers. We are always sad to see the end of summer drawing near, but we eagerly anticipate the beginning of hunting in Minnesota! There are many hunting resorts in Minnesota but we believe grouse hunting is best accomplished at Pimushe Resort.
Located entirely within the Chippewa National Forest, we are in the perfect location to meet all your hunting needs.

People travel from all over the midwest to go grouse hunting in the Chippewa National Forest because of its logging trails and aspen stands, which provide excellent grouse habitats. At Pimushe Resort we go the extra mile to pre-scout and research these grouse habitats in order to provide our hunting guests with the best experience possible. Hundreds of miles of both motorized and walking trails to hunt is available right in the backyard of the resort. Check out the Minnesota DNR’s handy Hunter Walking Trail Locator Tool.

Pimushe Resort’s modern cabins are available year round, although the last week in September through the end of October is the best time frame to see grouse in our neck of the woods. If you’ve never been grouse hunting before, the popular upland bird can be found along logging trails in the morning and evenings to eat grit and clover. Long time Pimushe Resort guest and renowned outdoors writer, Gary Clancy, shares some great tips on How to Hit More Ruffed Grouse in probably one of the last grouse articles he was able to write.

Clancy sadly passed away in July due to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He stayed with us almost every year and looked forward to the opportunity to fish Pimushe Lake or hunt the forest for grouse. We will miss Clancy and the enthusiasm with which he hunted, but we hope to carry on his legacy by continuing to offer some of the best Minnesota grouse hunting around.

Grouse opener in Minnesota begins September 17.

It’s a great time to start planning for your 2016 fall hunting excursion! Check our September and October cabin availability here.